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Rough Beginnings

Growing pains are tough for any team. The revolving door of injuries and life obligations is one that every team, no matter the level, struggles with. With several new members bolstering their roster this season, the West Coast Lions are no stranger to these pains. These pains have wreaked their havoc in the first weeks of the season but the Lions aren’t worried as chaos often brings about change.

Week 1, the LDFL opener brought 6 teams together for a triple header. The result was a fantastic showing of patrons, all supporting a great cause. The West Coast Lions may not have been as successful on the field as the patrons were in their support but the growing pains and sudden injuries take most of the blame. Losing 3 of their starters to injury, victory slipped through the Lions‘ grasp but the excitement to improve and endeavor for a rhythm sparked still.

Week 2, an awaited matchup against the Apaches, still suffered from the same growing pains. Missing two defensive players and a running back, the Lions couldn‘t find their footing against the formidable apaches and their notorious continuously running clock. The loss was deeply felt, especially by the returning vets who see the potential for a better showing. Head Coach and owner Ron Clark is confident that the potential will turn into results once the new and old find their “rhythm.”

This next Saturday, with their defense returned to its full force, and a chip on their shoulder, the Lions prepare to face Inglewood and prove that they are as dangerous as their reputation claims. Kickoff is at 5pm, Covina District Stadium. Come watch as the West Coast Lions prepare for their first successful hunt against Inglewood’s Blackhawks.

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