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Getting Back to Fun

Week 3 was a rough week for the Lions. Already suffering from injuries, within the first couple minutes of the game, Shae Breeze, a force on defense, went down with a knee injury. Darrius "Baby" Barlowe, who was playing both ways for the Lions, to help fill in the gaps injuries have left, also went out with an injury toward the end of the 3rd quarter. Add to this the persistent sprinkling of rain and week 3's loss seemed inevitable.

There's no denying that losing 51-14, losing for the 3rd straight week, is a tough pill to swallow. While the loss is no picnic, the first half against the Blackhawks yielded

something unexpected in the Lions. Though behind, they were fighting. Passioned screams could be heard from the sidelines, the offensive line found a recently elusive rhythm, but above all players were starting to have fun. There were smiles on sidelines. Celebrations for each others small victories filled the stadium and though the outcome wasn't a win, the old Lions peaked their heads out of the storm clouds promising better results on the horizon. Owner and coach Ron Clark knows this is their key to turning around their season. In his pre-game speech, he told the players that they weren't having fun and it showed. One can only be excited for the improvements the Lions slowly forming positive attitude will bring.

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