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Leader of the Pack: Player Spotlight- Week 2

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

This week's "Leader of the Pack" is as understated as his number on the field, 00. I sat down to talk with Robert Joseph after last week's disappointing loss and found a humble man who is both soft spoken and polite. The six year semi-pro vet has been playing football for 20 years, starting his career when he could barely fit into pads, let alone a helmet. His high school career at Washington and college stint at Valley College set him up to be a dogged persistent defensive end, one who tirelessly pursues the ball with a singular focus. When asked what pushes this drive, he answered, without hesitation, "my two kids." A dedicated father, he spends his days putting bread on the table by building the new Rams' stadium. On the weekends, his quiet determination helps to bind his team's defense, always showing up without complaint and putting in work without being prompted. With such quiet servitude, it's no wonder Robert was chosen for Week 2's Player Spotlight.

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