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Leaders of the Pack: Terrell Robinson and Felix Holeman III

Finally, after a year of being cramped indoors and missing the field, our Lions debuted April 10th against the San Diego Silverbacks. Along with the rust of a year off, the Lions came out Saturday with several new faces and it showed when the second half fell unfortunately short of expectations. Even though the matchup ended up in 20-22 loss for the Lions, there were at least many bright spots to be excited for. In fact there were so many notable moments that we had to have 2 leaders this week, both of whom were stepping on the field as brand new Lions!

First up, Felix Holman III, a new receiver out of Huntington Park High School, finished the game with 61 receiving yards and a TD. Brought to the Lions by Cleo Session, Felix joined semi-pro after a 7 year career in football because he "just had a passion for it." When speaking to Felix, he expressed that he pursued football because he "loved the physicality of it," a love that also led him to rugby. The Lions couldn't be happier to have his love of physicality as Coach Clark stated, " Felix is a rugby style runner that filled a special role in our offense and when he gets loose, he's gone." His passion for the game showed in the first matchup of this season, as he ran the Silverbacks ragged with ease. We can't wait to see what this rugby hybrid has in store for the Giants this week, because, if his first showing was any indication, it will be epic.

Next up, we have Terrell Robinson. Terrell played receiver and defensive end for Augustus F. Hawkins High School, positions he now fills for the Lions, and was also brought to the Lion's den via teammate Cleo Session. Terrell started football young, just 7 years old when he discovered his love for it, citing his constant running from discipline and anger issues as the catalyst for his career. Football became a grounding force for him and he continues his pursuit because it "keeps [him] sane and keeps [his] true character calm while making everyone around him happy for him." While Terrell is seeking destiny and serenity on the field, Coach Clark is more than a little excited about his addition to the team. "He plays both sides of the ball and plays them well. He has no complaints and is one of our hardest workers and that kind of dedication infects the people around you, making the team all the better for it." One thing is for sure, exciting things will be coming to the field thanks to these leaders and this fan is fidgeting with anticipation for the Giants take down because of it.

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